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Data Science

Integration of Data Science into Cyber Security and its impact

Data science is a term or a discipline that is used to refer to the field that deals with using scientific methods, algo...

Black Friday
Cyber-crime Cybersecurity Quick Tips

Tips on how to be safe while shopping on Black Friday

A 2019 survey by TransUnion on retail fraud reported that around 75% of Americans opted to do about half of their holida...


The Internet of Things (IoT)

This term, the Internet of Things, is used to refer to all the billions of devices in the world that are linked to the i...

Cybersecurity Small Business

New Privacy Regulations Drive Spending

In recent years, there is an increased push by the government on the need to improve and ensure organizations adhere to ...


Cyber-criminals Go After Cloud Misconfigurations

Various businesses have already been using cloud applications to move and store their data even before the pandemic. But...

Cyber-crime Quick Tips

What is identity theft and how to prevent it?

An American becomes a victim of identity theft every two minutes, according to an article by Forbes. So, what is identit...


Increase in online shopping due to coronavirus increases online shopping cybercrime

There is no denying the fact that the COVID -19 pandemic has brought many sudden yet dramatic changes to businesses and ...


Cybersecurity warnings from Google scare Chrome users

Google released last April 15, 2020, a new and much-awaited update for Google Chrome for Windows, Linux, and Mac compute...

Cyber-crime Cybersecurity

Online Classes Being Hacked

While online learning is the best option during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  It is also the perfect opportunity...

Cyber-crime Cybersecurity Small Business

Insider Threats From Employees

While no one discounts the risk of outside cyber criminals an insider threat could be even more devastating, insiders ar...