All About Software: Types of Software & Why Software Security is Important

Software is the all-encompassing term which describes the programs, applications, and other data used to operate your co...

Internet of things (IoT) smart connection and control device in network of industry and resident anywhere, anytime, anybody and any business with internet. It technology for futuristic of the world
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4 Common IoT Device Categories and How to Protect Them

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term used to describe the network of physical devices that utilize the Internet to o...

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The Phishing Shame Game: Attackers Scare Victims to Steal Social Media Credentials

Phishing is the commonly seen cybersecurity attack where scammers send malicious messages to unsuspecting victims with t...

Cybersecurity News & Events

Manga Site Hit by Breach Affecting 23 Million Accounts

MangaToon is a very popular app used by fans of the Japanese comic book style manga around the world, giving them access...

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How to Prevent Cybersecurity Attacks

Whether it’s data breaches, ransomware attacks, insider threats or more, there are a myriad of cyber attacks out t...

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The Importance of Cloud Security

Cloud computing has been a household term since the Internet’s surge in popularity the 90s and 2000s. The cloud is...

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The Multi-Faceted Consequences of a Cyber Attack

Of course we all wish to avoid a cyber attack – anything with the word attack in it almost guarantees an averse re...

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Verizon 2022 DBIR: Ransomware, Industry Findings, & More

Verizon Wireless has been publishing an annual data breach investigations report since 2008, where the company takes a d...

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Cybersecurity Phishing

One Million Facebook Credentials Stolen Over a 4 Month Period

Social media has become one of the primary breeding grounds for phishing scams. Between the suspect messages received fr...
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City of Portland Breach Shows How Harmful Cyber Attacks Can Be

Portland, Oregon is home to nearly 2.2 million residents in its metro area alone, is considered the country’s #1 m...