Postponed Tax Deadline Approaching and with it Tax-Related Phishing Attacks

Many events were cancelled or postponed due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, including the usual yearly tax deadline of April 1...
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From Telework back to Regular Work: Keeping Your Company Cyber-Safe

Many businesses across the globe with the ability to do so have opted to switch to an online, telecommuting approach to ...
Cybersecurity Small Business

Cyber Attack Disaster Recovery: How Much Time Can Your Small Business Afford To Lose?

Owning and operating a small business is one of the quintessential elements of the American Dream for so many driven ind...


Hackers prepping to launch new banking Trojan

Ever since the years of banking Trojans such as Nukebot, AzorUlt, and ZeuS to the 2020 infamous Emotet, bankers are yet ...

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Cyber automobile attacks- just how safe are our vehicles?

Looking back at technology, it’s just so amazing how it has revolutionized machine learning and enhanced IoT across soci...

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Phishing in the Water Cooler: Human Resources Departments Highly Targeted in Attacks

Cyber attacks hit a variety of businesses across all industries. Because of this, the essential departments that are fou...

Data Breach

Facebook Database Breach

According to a recent security study, Facebook experienced another database breach. This time more than 267 million acco...

digital particle technology face for artifiticial intelligence concept

Artificial Intelligence’s Influence in Cybersecurity

What is AI? AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the term used for the ability for computers to learn to perform functi...


Rising Malware infections as New Blue Mocking Bird Malware hits

Blue Mocking bird cryptocurrency mining malware has infected thousands of systems, and it still continues to spread. The...

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Ransomware: Not Just for Encryption Anymore, Now Used for Data Breaches

When it comes to ransomware, a cyber-criminal’s objective is to gain access to company files or networks, encrypt ...