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Cyber-crime is on the rise as hackers target those working from home

Evidence of hackers on the increase is steadily showing during this coronavirus outbreak pandemic, cyber analysts predic...


The Phishing Landscape

Phishing is a fraudulent means by which various cyber criminals use to access their victims private information (names, ...

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Phishing Quick Tips

Coronavirus Contagion Spreading to Computers via Illness-based Phishing Scams

Tego Cyber CEO, Shannon Wilkinson, spoke with Tiana Bohner of KVVU FOX5 earlier this month to inform viewers of phishing...

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Top Emerging Tech Trends and Their Threats

One of the greatest, most intriguing aspects of this era in history is the speed with which technology is advancing. It ...


The Internet of Personal Health & Wellness

With the Internet constantly at our fingertips, we have become far more educated on many topics which were once only kno...

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Ransomware – The Bully that Steals Your Lunch Money or Will Tell Everyone About It

2019 was not a kind year to organizations in healthcare, education, and government when it came to ransomware attacks. O...

Data Breach Phishing

Tax Season Scams to Lookout For

Tax season is upon us again and the cyber-criminals will be busy coming up with a new tricks, and continuing the old, to...

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Is Your Smart Camera System Spying on You?

Are your smart appliances spying on you? In the past few weeks, the national news in the US has been filled with stories...


Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

Just like previous years, 2020 was not a good year for cybersecurity news.  As we look to the new decade in 2020, h...

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How to stay safe online this holiday season

Thanksgiving is not just a time to celebrate with family and friends as Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping has becom...