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Online Classes Being Hacked

While online learning is the best option during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  It is also the perfect opportunity...

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Insider Threats From Employees

While no one discounts the risk of outside cyber criminals an insider threat could be even more devastating, insiders ar...

Cyber-crime Cybersecurity Data Breach

FORTNITE: the game that left its million users at cyber risk

Online gaming brings individuals from all corners of the earth for gaming reasons, but Fortnite changed all this by a ha...

Money bitfinex-hackers-transfer-28-million-worth-of-bitcoin-from-2016-breach

WHO receives $5k in bug bounty donation by hackers

Hackers taking part in HackerOne’s first-ever virtual live hacking event donated $5K in bug bounties to the World ...


How safe is the 5G network against cyber attacks?

IMF regards 5G as the 5th generation of mobile networks in today’s 4G LTE networks. Its design will meet the enormous gr...


Gaming Platforms and Companies Targeted by Hackers

The gaming industry has changed drastically over the past few decades. Some of these changes have led to considerable de...

Cyber-crime Data Breach

Agent smith global malware attack on devices

Agent Smith, a novel form of mobile malware, has globally infected almost 25 million android devices. Concealed as a Goo...

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Twitter hackers target journalists and celebrities

Several high-profile social media accounts, predominantly of journalists, have been hacked. The takeovers represent an e...


Hackers prepping to launch new banking Trojan

Ever since the years of banking Trojans such as Nukebot, AzorUlt, and ZeuS to the 2020 infamous Emotet, bankers are yet ...

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Cyber automobile attacks- just how safe are our vehicles?

Looking back at technology, it’s just so amazing how it has revolutionized machine learning and enhanced IoT across soci...