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Tax Time Is Upon Us & So Are The Scammers with a New Attack

The beginning of each year brings with it new opportunities and challenges. Not long after most of us have all but aband...

Cybersecurity Quick Tips

Top Tips for Personal Cybersecurity in 2021

Many, if not all, of us are more than ready to leave 2020 behind us. When we hop into 2021, it will surely have issues o...

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Cybersecurity Quick Tips

2020 IoT Gift Guide – Popular Tech Toys & How to Keep Them Secure

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, the holiday season is now officially in fully swing. While stores cannot nece...

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How to Stay “Cyber Safe” during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday

Simply put, this year’s deals on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are predicted to have Americans spending a...

Black Friday
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Tips on how to be safe while shopping on Black Friday

A 2019 survey by TransUnion on retail fraud reported that around 75% of Americans opted to do about half of their holida...

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Cybersecurity IoT Quick Tips

Cybersecurity Close to Home – 7 Tech Tips for Families

In the year 2020, a midweek look inside the typical home is very different than in years past. Usually, a home during th...

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Cybersecurity Quick Tips

A Look into DDoS: Facts, Stats, & How to Protect

A DDoS, or distributed denial of service, attack occurs when malicious actors utilize a multitude of computers or device...

Cyber-crime Quick Tips

What is identity theft and how to prevent it?

An American becomes a victim of identity theft every two minutes, according to an article by Forbes. So, what is identit...

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Election Cybersecurity Threats & How You Can Help Fight Against Them

There are a plethora of cyberattacks and security risks surrounding the upcoming United States election. A few of the ri...

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Cybersecurity Quick Tips

Mobile Device Security: Numerous Hacked Apps Putting Your Phone at Risk

In a recent update to it’s iOS operating system, Apple discovered that there were over 50 apps in the App Store wh...