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Cyber automobile attacks- just how safe are our vehicles?

Looking back at technology, it’s just so amazing how it has revolutionized machine learning and enhanced IoT across social, economic and political parameters. Who would have thought a simple 19th century invention such as cars could become digitized to where they are electrically powered and AI driven? What was common in futuristic movies is now a reality, and we may wait for an invention in flying cars? In the developed country’s car ownership is popular, and the same is now becoming a trend in most developing countries. It’s alarming how accidents attributed to cars are a worldwide concern, and as responsible bodies try to solve this problem another arises. Funny enough, it affects the industry shapers and their target markets seriously. Perhaps you fancy that latest car model assembled with all the modern tech upgrades, there’s no need to mention brand names here as everyone has their own choices. Here’s an idea of the modern tech upgrades we are talking about:
Touch screen display
Bluetooth and wireless connectivity
Android auto
Wi-Fi connectivity
Auto-pilot self-driving system
Voice integrated system
Mount console touchpads
Surround audio systems
Inbuilt cameras
What we have listed makes automotive life easy and if you haven’t yet upgraded your old car with such like tech specs, then you are missing out on convenience.
IoT risks on car security
The convenience in these tech upgrades creates an interdependent relationship of network-connected devices which is popularly known as Internet of Things or IoT. You benefit more when your car applications are connected to your smartphone network, smart watch etc., however in all these the network connectivity possess an enormous threat should either of the devices experience a security breach. Over the years, cyber threats have evolved to become subtle, strategic and more destructive. Cyber criminals have devised other tact to expand activities by casting their nets far beyond traditional computer worms and viruses. Spyware and ransomware are some cyber threats facing multimillion car manufacturers and their immediate customers. Both spyware and ransomware are lethal, and at the end of either attack it subjects the victim to forceful demands from the cybercriminals. When your car’s security is breached, its automated use is jeopardized and as an owner it strips the control you once had from you. In the event, you can lose sensitive data. If the car is tech ransomed, then you have two ways out of this problem. You can either pay the ransom money or refuse to pay and remove all the previous upgrades and have your car fitted with new upgrades.
Whichever your choice, there’s an assurance that you’ll incur some heavy costs and downtime.
How do car security breaches come in?
When dealing with products such as cars, it’s hard to determine what exactly it is that paves way to cyber threat vulnerabilities. We have the manufacturer and end user who play huge roles in the vehicle industry and in most cases both parties are lenient. Security breaches are vast, but we can trace most if not all back to the software developers responsible for IoT and those contracted by car manufacturers to develop their tech upgrades. Again, this is just a thought, and we are not blaming or pointing fingers on anyone.