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Cyber-crime is on the rise as hackers target those working from home

Evidence of hackers on the increase is steadily showing during this coronavirus outbreak pandemic, cyber analysts predict massive cyber-attacks. Many workers who have transitioned to working from home in order to adhere to self-isolation are at risk. Cyber criminals are using the current state of unrest to prey on individuals who are working outside their protected offices.

Tom Kellerman, who served during Obama’s administration within the cyber security commission was quick to point out that some cold war adversary nations were taking advantage of American’s vulnerable situation and lack of security within the telecommunications sector.
Cyber-attacks are targeting (VPNs) Virtual Private Networks. VPN systems enable workers within an organization to access its information and system data. The VPN network lessens the burden of telecommunicating across devices however, with various security breaches during access, they may open a tempting door to cyber-attacks. As organizations use VPNs for telework, more vulnerabilities are being found and targeted by malicious cyber actors. In order to combat this, update VPNs network, infrastructure devices, and devices being used to remote into work environments with the latest software patches and security configurations.”

It is important to identifying suspicious emails since there is a high probability of hackers using phishing as a means to infiltrate telecommuters data, log in credentials as well as online accounts. This includes impending danger due to the COVID-19 as more malicious emails circulating about coronavirus which tempt internet users to click on them.

There is a need for organizations to exercise high levels of transparency with their employees in addition to keeping their systems secure and up to date. Cyber security state agencies also warned of the growing threat posed by malicious spam emails sent out to unsuspecting internet users. Agencies has also pointed out the alarming rate at which coronavirus themed websites have grown since January. Hackers can use these web domains to lure users into subscribing to regular email updates which security breaches across VPNs. .

Other cyber security concerns are hackers’ ability to access a victim’s data through Wi-Fi connections on their devices. Public Wi-Fi can leave devices and systems vulnerable and it is advised that everyone working from home utilize separate networks.