Cyber-criminals Go After Cloud Misconfigurations

Various businesses have already been using cloud applications to move and store their data even before the pandemic. But with COVID-19 spreading all over the world, more and more organizations are beginning to adopt cloud technologies as the pandemic has forced both employees and managers alike to continue working from home. Cloud computing, when set up properly, provides a great benefit for organizations who wish to store their data safely and then access it at a later time in any place.

Businesses keeping their data in the cloud are open to cybercriminals who are bound to take advantage of this and look for any gaps in the configurations in a bid to get access. Here, public cloud servers instances such as the storage and computer are usually configured such that they can be vulnerable to breaches. In fact, cybercriminals can use a browser to access secure documents from your cloud. Here are instances in which a cloud misconfiguration will leave you more vulnerable to cyber-crimes.

  1. When you are transferring your data
    If you have just bought a new computer or laptop, you might have to transfer your date from your older device to the new one. It is worth noting that when you are moving your date from one cloud platform to another, chances of cyber-crimes are very high. Here, this criminal will be able to access your system and have most of your essential data at his or her fingertips. This can be detrimental to your business.
  2. When you are changing some settings during cloud transfers
    For most companies, they usually choose to use a temporary firewall during cloud transfers. Sometimes, they usually choose to hire a vendor to offer his or her services too. As you do this, you should ensure that you maintain stability by including firewall security rules and settings to
    keep cybercrimes at bay.
  3. In the event, you are working under pressure
    There are instances when you might be working under pressure to achieve specific targets. It is during such instances when your cybersecurity might be compromised. In most cases, you might not be quick to note that someone already has access to your company’s data unawares. As a result, you might become vulnerable to cyber-crimes out there.
  4. Logging is not up to par When you want to access data in your company’s cloud, you have to log in successfully. However, there are instances when logging in is not up to par, or even it does not exist. When you do not have full logging capability, chances of encountering cyber-crimes are very high. This is because you might not have a digital trail of who accessed your network and how they are actually accessing it. As a result, your precious data becomes vulnerable to cyber-crimes.

These are some of the instances of cloud misconfigurations where cybercriminals might take advantage and access your data unawares. This in turn, can put your company in a very precarious situation. Consider these ideas, and you will be able to avoid such problems in the future.