The Latest Cybersecurity News

Automotive hose supplier, Nichirin, has suffered a ransomware attack causing the company to take its network offline and switch to manual order fulfillment. #ransomware #cybersecurity
Organizations and government agencies in at least 42 countries allied with Ukraine have been attacked by Russian-based threat actors. #cybersecurity
MEGA, a cloud storage and file hosting provider, has released a security update to address severe vulnerabilities that could have exposed user data, even if the data had been encrypted. #vulnerability #cybersecurity
No, you really don't have a new voicemail. A new phishing campaign is trying to trick users into providing their credentials with fake login sites. #phishing #cybersecurity
Delivery company Yodel suffered a cyber-attack is disrupting deliveries. The company says it is working around the clock to resolve the technical issues. #cybersecurity
Michigan-based Flagstar Bank is notifying 1.5 million customers of a data breach of their personal information that occurred during a December cyber-attack. #databreach #cybersecurity