The Latest Cybersecurity News

20 hours ago
Unauthorized access to six employee email accounts has resulted in the possible data breach of the health information of 180,000 patients of MU Health Care. #healthcare #cybersecurity #phishing #databreach
23 hours ago
Enterprise security teams are drowning in a sea of alerts, manually processes, and HR gaps that make it more difficult for organizations to block cyber-attacks. #cybersecurity
1 day ago
A review of the effectiveness of phishing cybersecurity training shows that employees should receive a refresher every six months. #phishing #cybersecurity
4 days ago
After a German hospital was hit with ransomware, a woman in need of urgent medical care died after her ambulance was diverted to another facility 30km away. #ransomware #cybersecurity #healthcare
5 days ago
After an auction failed to bring in a $100,000 payday for the group behind Cerberus banking malware, the code has been released for free. #malware #cybersecurity
5 days ago
Double whammy - IT staffing firm Artech Information Systems has been hit by a data breach and ransomware attack for a second time this year. #ransomware #cybersecurity #databreach