The Latest Cybersecurity News

3 hours ago
The SEC Chair is warning public corporations that the threat of cyber-attacks is present now "more than ever" and that they must remain vigilant. #cybersecurity
18 hours ago
A recent study has found that 31% of third-party vendors could cause significant business interruption to their clients if they suffered a cyber-attack. #cybersecurity
21 hours ago
Black Friday is quickly approaching and scammers are increasing their activity. Jodaye takes a look at how you can protect yourself while shopping online this holiday season on the Tego Blog. #TegoBlog #cybersecurity #cyberaware
1 day ago
An attacker has posted a list of nearly 50,000 vulnerable Fortinet VPN devices that have still not been patched. #vulnerability #cybersecurity
5 days ago
Research has shown that more than 50% of phishing emails are able to slip past the market-leading secure email gateways. #phishing #cybersecurity
5 days ago
Egregor ransomware is hijacking printers to print out ransom notes along with encrypting data and leaving a text file on the computer threatening the release of data. #ransomware #databreach #cybersecurity