The Latest Cybersecurity News

Apple has released a security patch for MacOS and iOS that fixes an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability. #cybersecurity #vulnerability #zeroday
A new phishing campaign is targeting online influencers and celebrities to steal credentials and hold social media accounts hostage for ransom. #cybersecurity #phishing
With the amount of high-profile data breaches and ransomware attacks, it is no surprise to find that data breaches soared to a 68% increase in 2021. #databreach #ransomware #cybersecurity
The foreign ministry in Canada, also known as Global Affairs Canada, was hit by a cyber-attack last week that has left some non-critical services still offline. #cybersecurity
BRATA started off as Android spyware but has recently been upgraded to be a banking Trojan that factory resets devices after stealing money from its victims. #mobilesecurity #malware #cybersecurity
The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority is facing an investigation after sending out healthcare breach notifications to over 5000 people. Questions have been raised about why the authority had that type of data. #databreach #cybersecurity