The Latest Cybersecurity News

22 hours ago
Continuing to recover months after a ransomware attack, Ireland's health services is facing questions about why it is still using 30,000 Windows 7 machines. #ransomware #cybersecurity #healthcare
23 hours ago
After disclosure of a #ransomware friendly #vulnerability in VMWare vCenter, attackers almost immediately started scanning for unpatched servers. While an exploit has not been published yet, it most likely is only a matter of time. #cybersecurity
2 days ago
A Canadian-based VoIP provider, voip[.]ms, has been hit with a ransom demand to stop a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the company. #DDoS #cybersecurity #cyberattack
2 days ago
At least three ransomware operators are threatening victims with immediate release of stolen data if they report attacks to government officials. #ransomware #cybersecurity #databreach
2 days ago
It appears that ransomware groups are targeting farming cooperatives as the second one, Minnesota's Crystal Valley, falls victim this week. #ransomware #cybersecurity
3 days ago
Marketing firm, Marketron, has fallen victim to the Blackmatter ransomware group. #ransomware #cybersecurity