How safe is the 5G network against cyber attacks?

IMF regards 5G as the 5th generation of mobile networks in today’s 4G LTE networks. Its design will meet the enormous growth in data connectivity of the modern world. 5G at first operated in partnership with 4G networks before adjusting into a standalone network in coverage expansions. We introduce 5G to help in fastening connectivity to the billion people in the world. The internet usage through providing top speed and low latency to applications, services and business owners. 5G networks work hand in hand with 4G networks with central and local servers by providing faster internet content to users plus low latency applications. When 5G internet or connection launched, the user equipment connected both 4G through provision of control signaling to 5G. This made available fast data strength to the 4G internet so that where any limit to 5G coverage then the data connects to the 4G network to provide a continuous connection.
5G data opinion from technology pioneersAlso, Daniel Valle, the Chief Technologist at Worldwide Technology stated that “As the threat landscape widens, then 5G security is a complex task with the ecosystem being addressed. 5G technology is more protected because of better encryption than 3G and 4G mentioning that each evolution is more secure than its predecessor, including 5G network.”
According to McQuire, 5G connection also allows mobile agents to offer insights to their businesses. Operators have visibility of the traffic which goes across the 5G network, hence companies can detect anomalies or anybody who tries to intercept their network. Besides network slicing that allows mobile operators to put the network into variable uses or requirements that adds security usage for the 5G; hence making it almost your own private channel.3G, 4G, and 5G networks comparisons
As compared to 3G and 4G networks, 5G internet connection will offer much faster data transfer speeds, lower latency and more reliable connections. These will notify the user of whoever is interfering with your band-width. All of this means enhanced user experience for mobile device consumers or users for enterprises, increased productivity and faster service delivery. 5G’s access to higher bandwidths will connect more users and devices than its predecessors.
MiM Hacking technique and 5G networks 5G allows Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) through protocols and algorithms for 5G to port from 4G standards, and experts allow device fingerprinting for targeted attacks through MiTM assaults. 5G network comprises base stations or cells that cover a certain area. They connect to the cloud and the latter connects to the base network in order for the connection to be possible on the 5G devices. The traffic of 5G encrypts from the endpoint to the base station.Can we trust the network?The general answer is yes, this is because they design current cyber protection to counter any challenges that may arise from using 5G networks. If you are smart enough to upgrade to these top speeds, then you must have an elite security system manning your gadgets.