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Mission Matters Business Leaders – Virtual Summit

Whether you have been leading a business for many years or are just getting started as an entrepreneur or C-level executive, Tego Cyber has something super exciting to share!

You are invited to participate in a virtual summit for the launch of Mission Matters Business Leaders Volume 4! The series starts on Monday, September 14th and is completely FREE.

18 business leaders and experts will be discussing their chapter in the upcoming book and giving out their best tips for running a successful business, obstacles they’ve faced along the way, and lessons learned. 

You’ll get to hear from Tego Cyber CEO, Shannon Wilkinson, on her chapter, Cybersecurity: Moving Up from the Kid’s Table, which explores how cybersecurity has moved from being thought of as an “IT problem” to being an integral part of business strategy and risk management.

Take a moment and register here for this FREE virtual summit series, which includes individual interviews from each of the authors and bonus gifts.