man face scan biometric digital technology vector illustration

Facial Recognition: Verifying That You Are Who You Say You Are

What is Facial Recognition? Facial recognition is a form of biometrics, typically used for security purposes. Biometr...

Man at work in the office

Telework Security: A Year of COVID Response & What The Future Holds

The future of what a normal work environment will look like has likely be changed forever by what has occurred with the ...

Coffee shop in covid 19 new normal, coronavirus pandemic

Cybersecurity Risks and Tips for Small Businesses in a (Nearly) Post-Pandemic World

While we aren’t fully out of the weeds yet, it appears as though an end is in sight for the Coronavirus pandemic. ...

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Online Investors Beware These Cryptocurrency Risks

From trading goods for services, coins and cash, credit cards and online banking, we’re now in the midst of the ne...


Online Learning & Its Effects on Children in 2021

While some states are beginning to alleviate many of the COVID restrictions that have been in place as cases and death r...


5 Social Media Cyber Risks to Watch Out For

Phishing Just as the typical phishers have figured out how to mimic a legitimate company’s email structure and...

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Cybersecurity Ransomware

Ransomware Trend Predictions for 2021: Politics, Hospitals, and More

Ransomware is a form of malicious software used to infiltrate company networks to steal sensitive data and hold it for r...

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Cybersecurity Data Breach

The Costs of a Data Breach: What Now?

Following a data breach, the affected company and its customers are left with a myriad of questions. How did this happen...


Cybersecurity Recommendations During The Pandemic

Subject matter experts (also known as SMEs) dealt with and still are handling challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemi...

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Cybersecurity Data Breach

The Attack is Back — Why Do Companies Experience Repeat Data Breaches?

In December of 2020, wireless service company T-Mobile saw its fourth data breach in three years. The information access...