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Data Breaches In The News – What Happened & How to Protect Yourself

NYC Schools Over 820,000 NYC Public School students had their data compromised in a recent hack of the school system&...

Cybersecurity Data Breach

Why the Okta Breach is Particularly Worrying – Supply Chain Attacks

The infamous LAPSUS$ group has allegedly claimed another breach victim in cybersecurity company Okta following the confi...

Cybersecurity Data Breach

Are You a T-Mobile or AT&T Customer?

If you are a T-Mobile customer, there are three things that you need to do immediately. Change Your PasswordChange Yo...

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Cybersecurity Data Breach News & Events

Top 2021 Data Breaches So Far – A Mid-Year Look

As we begin to emerge out of the pandemic, we can take a sigh of relief when it comes to the constant stresses that have...

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Ransomware: Not Just for Encryption Anymore, Now Used for Data Breaches

When it comes to ransomware, a cyber-criminal’s objective is to gain access to company files or networks, encrypt ...

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Tax Season Scams to Lookout For

Tax season is upon us again and the cyber-criminals will be busy coming up with a new tricks, and continuing the old, to...

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Believe it or not, data breaches do affect children

Believe it or not, data breaches do affect children, even as young as infants. The worrisome aspect of recent massive da...

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It’s a Trap! – Data Breach Fatigue

It seems like we cannot go a week without hearing about a new data breach that has compromised user accounts, credit car...