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Healthcare Ransomware — What It Is & How to Strengthen Against This Threat

All industries have to be aware of their cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and defenses — one of the areas o...

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Cybersecurity Healthcare

Protecting You – Medical Industry Needs A Focus On Cybersecurity

For their constant care, sleepless nights, and incredibly difficult jobs, medical professionals should always be praised...

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Cybersecurity Healthcare

Healthcare Cybersecurity — How COVID Further Exposed This Crucial Need

There is no doubt to anyone who lived through it that the year 2020 will be marked in history majorly by the Coronavirus...

Cybersecurity Healthcare

Healthcare Cybersecurity Amid Health Crisis

While the world continues to deal with a new reality full of face masks and working from home amid the COVID-19 Pandemic...

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The State of Healthcare Cybersecurity Could Raise Your Blood Pressure

The past couple of years have been rough for the healthcare industry and so far 2019 has been no different when it comes...