Leveraged as a threat hunting tool, Tego Cyber allows enterprises the ability to quickly track threats through the network, mapping out exposure, and escalate remediation.

Recursive hunting allows Tego to see not only what is happening in real time, but exposure to threats before they were known to be malicious, providing a unique view into potential exposure when the threat was weaponized.

All threat intelligence is not created equally – while TI has become a commodity in cybersecurity, Tego Cyber Inc. was founded on the principles of actionable, contextual intelligence to power a SIEM-integrated threat correlation and threat hunting engine that reduces dwell time and time to decision.

Tego Cyber is the only threat hunting and threat intelligence company made specifically for the SIEM, regardless of vendor, to quickly correlate threats across large enterprises and help security operations teams understand their attack surface faster.

The Tego Threat Intelligence Platform takes in vetted and curated threat data and after utilizing a proprietary process, the platform compiles, analyzes, and then enriches the data to turn it into threat intelligence with information that is timely, informative, and relevant. The Tego threat intelligence provides additional context including specific details needed to identify and counteract threats so that security teams can spend less time searching for disparate information.

The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform provides context on threats in the customer’s environment through its integrated, aggregated real-time threat feed. In today’s world, real-time updates in addition to context are crucial as threat vectors are changing constantly.

Tego’s first integration of its Threat Correlation Engine backed by the Tego Threat Intelligence Platform is into the SPLUNK SIEM (Security Information Event Monitoring) platform. The Tego Guardian App allows a Security Operations Team to continue working within the tools they use on a daily basis, with visibility into threats and related, relevant context at their fingertips to enable faster speed to decision.


  • Integrated into Existing Tools

    By integrating into the tools that the Security Operations Team uses on a daily basis and are accustomed to, the Tego Threat Intelligence Platform and Tego Guardian App allows the SOC to identify which assets have been affected by a threat.

  • Better Context = Better, Faster Decisions

    When you get a list of threats that have been deemed malicious with no other information, you are missing the whole picture. That is why context matters. You need to know why, when, and what kind of threat has been discovered in your enterprise. Tego allows the SOC to have speed to decision.

  • Increase the efficiency & ROI of existing cybersecurity products

    Integrating into the tools that the SOC is already using means that while there is an additional tool in their belt, it is not another platform that requires them to log in to get the timely, relevant threat intelligence they need. As an add-on, Tego Guardian increases the value of existing tools.


“Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and action-oriented advice about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets.” — Gartner

Threat intelligence enables us to make faster, more informed decisions and allows us to move from reactive to proactive behaviors in the fight against threat adversaries.

Threat intelligence is actionable which means it is timely, relevant, provides context (the who, what, when, where, how), and understood by those that are tasked with making critical cybersecurity decisions.

The Tego Threat Intelligence Platform and the Tego Guardian App allows cybersecurity operations teams to have speed to decision.


  • Increased Productivity

    Constant visibility so teams can get ahead of potential incidents.

  • Speed to Decision

    Context allows you to make quick, informed decisions.

  • Avoid Alert Fatigue

    Without context, you waste valuable time manually correlating high volume, low-risk alerts.

  • Improved Communication

    Communicate real risks to the business and focus on protecting targets from real threats.

  • Mitigate Faster

    Prioritized threats enables faster response to real threats and reduces the risk of serious incidents.

  • Strengthen Posture

    Intelligence allows you to plan for risk and justify additional security investment  to reduce those risks.


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