A vulnerability assessment is not the same thing as a penetration test although the two phrases are often used interchangeably.  A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities within an organization’s computer systems, applications and network infrastructure. A vulnerability assessment is what provides an organization the knowledge and awareness about its risks so that it can plan and react accordingly.

  • Identify Risks

    Identify vulnerabilities before attackers find them.

  • Identify Equipment

    Create an inventory of all the devices on the network, including purpose and system information

  • Create A Plan for the Future

    Creating an inventory of all devices in the enterprise will help with the planning of upgrades and future assessments.

  • Evaluate current strategy

    Validate the effectiveness of current security and system updates/upgrades

  • Check third-party vendor security risk

    Are the vendors you rely on for IT services like VoIP, backup, email, etc. helping or hurting your security posture?


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