Cybersecurity Services

The experts at Tego Cyber Inc are dedicated to helping organizations address the challenges of today’s connected world and security that touches every facet of business.

In addition to our threat intelligence and cybersecurity products, Tego Cyber Inc offers many specialized cybersecurity services.

Tego Cyber Inc uses cybersecurity industry-specific frameworks to map your defense strategy to individual controls that align to the gaps identified using the MITRE ATT&CK™ Enterpise Framework, the 12 Pillars of NIST, and the CIS Top 100 Controls.

  • Vulnerability Assessments

    Vulnerability Assessments are crucial in helping organizations identify what critical and high vulnerabilities may exist within their environments. Many clients have been surprised to discover devices on their networks that were not purchased by the organization and in some instanced, created a way for bad actors to breach the organization’s network. The vulnerability assessment is the first step in creating a complete strategy to protect the organization.

  • Penetration Testing

    A penetration test is an authorized simulated cyber-attack on the customer’s premise, network or devices to evaluate the security posture of the organization. The penetration test scope can vary widely from physical security tests to remote network testing based on the client’s needs.

  • vCISO

    All organizations regardless of size need a cybersecurity leader to drive the cybersecurity strategy and reduce risk for the company. With Tego Cyber, your organization will work with a highly-experienced virtual CISO, not a cybersecurity analyst or cybersecurity manager.

  • DarkWeb Monitoring

    Keeping an eye on compromised credentials is key in protecting an organization from credentialed cyber-attacks. Studies have found that people are notoriously bad at reusing passwords across accounts and when a employee’s personal password is compromised, it can lead to a compromise of the organization if they have recycled the password.

  • Cybersecurity Policy Creation and Review

    Creating organizational policies on data security, data retention, and data destruction are important for companies that request sensitive information from customers. Additionally, organizations should create policies to govern employee usage of technology, email systems, and in some cases, social media.

  • Tabletop Exercises

    Does your organization and employees know what to do if a cyber-attack occurs? A table-top exercise will take the company and key employees through the process so should an attack happen, the organization is prepared to react and begin taking appropriate steps towards recovery.

Tego Threat Intelligence Platform

The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform blocks bad traffic before it ever reaches your network. Millions of malicious data points are blocked at wire-speed to protect your organization’s network before the traffic ever gets to your first edge perimeter device.

The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform stops known threat indicators and malicious actors with data that is relevant and timely. The platform blocks threats through its integrated, aggregated real-time threat intelligence. In today’s world, real-time updates are crucial as threat vectors are changing constantly.

  • Reduce the amount of threats reaching the network

    The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform blocks bad traffic before it reaches the client network, reducing the amount of alerts and noise that the security or network teams must respond to over the course of the day.

  • Streamline threat intelligence and take immediate action against newly identified threats

    The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform automatically creates updates for the client through its curated and aggregated threat intelligence feeds, eliminating the need for human interaction to block known threats.

  • Increase the efficiency and ROI of existing cybersecurity products

    The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform helps alleviate the extra computing and resource burdens on existing cybersecurity infrastructure.


Tego Cyber’s expertise allows individuals and enterprises to gain peace of mind.



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