All threat intelligence is not created equally - while TI has become a commodity in cybersecurity, Tego Cyber Inc. was founded on the principles of actionable, contextual intelligence that reduces time to decision.

  • Context is Key
  • Streamline threat intelligence and take immediate action against newly identified threats
  • Increase the efficiency and ROI of existing cybersecurity products
  • The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform does not just simply tell you that an IP address is bad but we provide context about the who, what, why, and how a threat is bad.
  • The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform automatically creates updates for the client through its curated and aggregated threat intelligence feeds, eliminating the need for human interaction to identify known threats.
  • The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform provides increased value to existing cybersecurity infrastructure through its integrations.

Tego Threat Intelligence Platform

Tego Cyber is the only threat intelligence company made specifically for the SIEM, regardless of vendor, to quickly correlate threats across large enterprises and help security operations teams understand their attack surface faster.

Leveraged as a threat hunting tool, Tego Cyber allows enterprises the ability to quickly track threats through the network, mapping out exposure, and escalate remediation.

Recursive hunting allows Tego to see not only what is happening in real time, but exposure to threats before they were known to be malicious, providing a unique view into potential exposure when the threat was weaponized.

Stop overpaying for non-actionable, non-contextual, data dumps that cause more work. Try Tego Cyber today for FREE.

Meet the Team

Shannon Wilkinson

Shannon Wilkinson

Director, CEO, CFO
Troy Wilkinson

Troy Wilkinson

Director and President
Michael De Valera

Michael De Valera

Chris White

Chris White

Board Member


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