Delivering an intelligent, state-of-the-art threat intelligence platform, integrating proprietary, automated software solutions that help enterprises deploy the proper resolution to an identified threat before the enterprise is compromised.

  • Context is Key
  • Streamline threat intelligence and take immediate action against newly identified threats
  • Increase the efficiency and ROI of existing cybersecurity products
  • The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform does not just simply tell you that an IP address is bad but we provide context about the who, what, why, and how a threat is bad.
  • The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform automatically creates updates for the client through its curated and aggregated threat intelligence feeds, eliminating the need for human interaction to identify known threats.
  • The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform provides increased value to existing cybersecurity infrastructure through its integrations.

Tego Threat Intelligence Platform

The Tego Threat Intelligence Platform takes in vetted and curated threat data and after utilizing a proprietary process, the platform compiles, analyzes, and then delivers that data to an enterprise network in a format that is timely, informative, and relevant. The threat data provides additional context including specific details needed to identify and counteract threats so that security teams can spend less time searching for disparate information.

The Tego Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform provides context on threats in the customer’s environment through its integrated, aggregated real-time threat feed. In today’s world, real-time updates in addition to context are crucial as threat vectors are changing constantly.

Meet the Team

Shannon Wilkinson

Shannon Wilkinson

Director, CEO, CFO
Troy Wilkinson

Troy Wilkinson

Director and President
Michael De Valera

Michael De Valera

Chris White

Chris White

Board Member


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